Bathroom Logic

In no other room of your house will the nitty-gritty of the practical butt heads so directly with the whimsy of beauty and style as in your bathrooms. Lighting, plumbing, heating, hardware, fixtures, tiles, grout colors, counter top materials, cabinetry—and style, too. Or perhaps your need is for structural repairs that have gone overlooked for far too long. We can help you through the process, within all budget levels and scales of work, from the guest bath, family bath, or master suite.

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Planning Thoughts

Keeping the same footprint and locating new plumbing fixtures near existing plumbing saves both debris and dollars.

Glass doors on your shower or tub help to open up the bathroom space, making it seem more spacious. A pedestal sink will give the same affect. But if you need the storage, and there is no room for a linen closet, a vanity is the way to go. Niches and roll-outs also add to storage and versatility.

Lighting is very important in the bathroom and gives you a lot of bright for your buck. So if money is limited, spend the money here over some other options. Of course, options such as multiple shower heads, heated floors and heated towel bars, or upgrades in tile are all amenities you will enjoy daily.

Family Health and Well Being

Excellent ventilation is essential to removing the excess moisture and heat generated in a bathroom, causing mold and mildew. If family members have sensitivities and allergies, special cabinet finishes are available.

Also consider future needs. How long do you plan to stay in the home? Doorway widths, counter top heights, and number and height of electrical outlets should be considered for needs down the line. Working them into the plan now will save you much expense and work later.


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